Adrian Burns
09 August, 2015

Thank you for everything. You are a true gent. Genuinely, excellent instruction offered with good humour and a calm manner. You have given me more than just the information required to pass the test and instead have given me that little bit extra that makes me confident riding safely in all circumstances

Alex D Wotke
06 June, 2015

Superb instructor, highly recommended, clear, precise and very patient.

Martin Aldridge
08 April, 2015

Massive thankyou to Adrian for all the help and support through my DAS, made me feel at ease through the whole course and the best instructor ever. Cheers mate

Matthew Morgan
04 April, 2015

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and training school. Adrain is first class, great methods, advice and support along the way. I started out as a novice but after a few sessions took my Mod 1 & 2 confidently passing both first time. Friendly and accommodating, anyone who is considering learning to ride I would 100% recommend contacting him for top notch training!

Victoria Gees-Thornton
25 March, 2015

The training Adrian provides is very good and to a high standard. Always patient and happy to review things again when I was unsure.

With Adrian's help and patience I successfully passed my MOD 1 and MOD 2 and am almost ready to get my bike on the road for the summer after a 16 year restoration project.

Sean Thornton

Jonny Edwards
27 February, 2015

Adrian is a great guy and a great instructor who got me through both my mod 1 and 2 first time would deffo recomend to anyone intrested. And good fair prices aswell.

Eli Fitzpatrick
30 January, 2015

the training offered is to the highest quality and will get you out on the roads in not time, great instructor who has a great understanding of a riders needs and the patience of a saint. helped me pass my mod 1 and mod 2 first time around. the bikes ride was amazing and is very good bike to learn on. would recomend them to any one.

best of luck to all of you new riders.

He Bails
22 November, 2014

Great training delivered pitch perfectly by Adrian.
Passed my Mod 2 first time.
Excellent value for money too.
Happy with that.

Jon Piggott
17 November, 2014

Adrian provides great tailored training with a patient approach.

Alex Leiper
24 October, 2014

Really helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anyone thinking of taking up riding.

Ryan Tyler Barker
07 October, 2014

Great instructor couldn't have asked for anyone better!

Dan Hounsell
29 September, 2014

Absolutely brilliant bunch of guys, really know their stuff and personalise the lessons to suit you, and what you need to work on, rather than just running through a set routine.

Adrian is fantastic guy and my weeks training with them was an absolute pleasure - so much so I was almost disappointed that I wouldn't be going out riding with them for the day after my pass!

I've just bought my first post test big bike and can honestly say that training with Adrian has given me the confidence to go off and do some serious distances in the real world!

All this and great value to!

Sarah Spain
18 September, 2014

Fantastic training. Totally tailored to me with loads of feedback which has left me feeling really confident about my biking journey. Adrian was really friendly throughout and I thoroughly enjoyed my rides. The training was very flexible which allowed me to fit it in with work and life. Can't recommend enough!

Tony Howell
12 September, 2014

Great instructor, would recommend to anyone. And he doesn't rip you off like other instructors try to. Ade tailors the course to the training you need.

Justin Mears
12 September, 2014

Wicked loved every minute great clear training wud defo recommend first class , can't thank adrian enough for all his support , advice and getting me from never driving a geared bike to passing full bike in 5 days omg such a wicked instructor , friend and a bloody good guy
Always gives good information and helps u all the way thru it ,

please people if you wanna learn to ride a bike the only way place you need to go is Aylesbury DSA motorcycle the best by far thoroughly

Daniel Howard
30 August, 2014

Just blitzed me through my CBT, I'll be back next year when I progress to a grown up bike!

Russell Murphy
14 August, 2014

Fantastic training, positive feedback, ultra friendly, and great bikes to learn on.
Anyone looking to try biking, or get back into biking look no further, I cannot reccomend them enough.
Train with Adrian, you won't regret it.

James Mahoney
10 August, 2014

5star from me Adrain is a brilliant and knowledgeable teacher ~ I will certainly going back to get my direct access

James Mahoney
10 August, 2014

5star from me Adrain is a brilliant and knowledgeable teacher ~ I will certainly going back to get my direct access

Wasim Al-taf
26 July, 2014

What a brilliant experience.. The instructor Adrian makes learning easy and fun.. Genuinely nice, friendly person and very patient. Within a very short period Adrian had me from never riding a bike to passing my CBT, MOD 1 & MOD 2.. All that's left now is how to wheelie while standing up lol. If anyone is serious about learning in a safe and friendly surroundings then Adrians the man.

Anthony Edmonds
18 July, 2014

Great training, taking me from not riding on the road before to passing my DAS in a week. I'm one happy bunny!! Cheers Ade.

Judith Reynolds
17 July, 2014

I can't speak highly enough of the Excellent instruction I have received from Adrian at Aylesbury Motorcycle Training. He is a natural teacher, and is able to push you (in the right way) to give you the riding skills you need, not only to pass the tests but to ride on the real road. He has made it such an enjoyable experience and for me being completely new to riding he was able to give me the confidence and skills in just a week. And keep me smiling!! :) Thank you Adrian.... see ya on the road!! :)

Pete Newell
14 July, 2014

Highly recommend Adrian is a great teacher and makes it a really fun experience

Cheryl Carlisle
15 May, 2014

Absolutely 1st class. Adrian is a superb instructor and has a unique way of training, building confidence and having some fun at the same time, I can't thank you enough for your guidance and encouragement!
I wouldn't hesitate in recomending Aylesbury Motorcycle Training to everyone!

Kieran Morris
20 January, 2014

I wouldn't take my bikes anywhere else

Bob Coe
19 January, 2014

Nice people and always helpful.

Gill Bamford
19 January, 2014

First class service and very helpful

Cathy Nazzaro Bamford
18 January, 2014

Great staff! Very helpful and really know their stuff

Neil Brindle
18 January, 2014

Very helpful people.

Dave Wood
10 December, 2013

Lovely people and very helpful